President Obama & Vice President Joe Biden

President Obama & Vice President Joe Biden

Saturday, August 7, 2010

West Wing Week: 8/06/10 or "Dispatches from the Gulf"

President Obama talks about the need for continued support for small business as a way to grow jobs and the economy as he visits Gelberg Signs in Washington, DC. August 6, 2010.

Welcome to a special Gulf Coast episode of West Wing Week. We spent this week traveling through communities on America's Gulf Coast to give you a special behind the scenes look at the federal government's historic and unprecedented effort to contain and clean up after the BP oil spill.

Join responders as they skim sheen off the ocean and respond to oiled wildlife. Stop by a town hall with Navy Secretary Ray Mabus, as he hears the concerns of locals. Join engineers as they pump mud into the well itself, creating a more permanent seal and much more.

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